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PDF password protection

Any recommendations for software to protect PDF files ?

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Can anyone reccommend any software to password protect PDF files sent by email ?



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By gainsborough
27th Jan 2020 12:25

I use pdf annotator. It was a one-off fee of £45 a few years ago.

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Sarah Douglas - HouseTree Business Ltd
By sarah douglas
27th Jan 2020 14:41


Have you looked at Adobe DC

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Replying to sarah douglas:
27th Jan 2020 15:36

Hello Sarah

Yes i have had a look but wanted to compare other and possibly cheaper options.
I have only a small number of clients and operating on a part time basis now.


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By HopelessUnbeliever
27th Jan 2020 16:37

We use PDFMate Free Version and it does the job.

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Replying to HopelessUnbeliever:
Pile of Stones
By Beach Accountancy
30th Jan 2020 11:26

PDFMate for me, too

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By daniel_
28th Jan 2020 11:10

PDFill Tools is free.
Has a bunch of tools to merge, split, watermark, rotate and to password protect a PDF file.

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By mavis02455
30th Jan 2020 10:12

If you had a word document/or spreadsheet - opened with libre software (free) - you can send that document as a pdf with password.

open with libre - go to file - send- email as pdf - security - enter password

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30th Jan 2020 10:53

If using a Mac, then the built-in Preview programme lets you open any PDF, and then export with any name you wish, including the current name, and at the same time add any password you want to password encrypt the doc ... couldn't be easier, and free with all Macs (but you have to digest the probably larger purchase cost of Macs to start off with)

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By ajspipers
30th Jan 2020 11:18

With any software that you try, do see if any of the free websites that remove password (and often security) protection from pdfs succeed. I have often been sent "secured" pdfs that I then upload and, 3 seconds later, get the full pdf back minus restrictions!

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By Kernowlive
30th Jan 2020 13:53

7Zip works well. It's free and isn't limited to Windows

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Replying to Kernowlive:
All Paul Accountants in Leeds
By paulinleeds
30th Jan 2020 20:14

I use 7Zip as well; not to password protect PDF files, but to password protect multiple files (and PDFs) within a Zip file. Work well for me and clients.

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By ShayaG
30th Jan 2020 15:57

I tend to embed PDFs in password protected word documents

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Elliott Chandler Picture
By elliottchandler
02nd Feb 2020 15:22

You can password protect within Office applications. Export as PDF then options and secure.

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