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PDF Substitution Scam

PDF Substitution Scam

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I wondered if anyone had any experience of the PDF substituion scam where a PDF invoice is sent by email and followed up by another with amended bank details:

Banks do not appear to be interested even though they have details of the person opening the fraudulant account.


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By tom123
19th Sep 2016 21:34

When we recently changed banks, a lot of our customers contacted us separately to ask for additional confirmation of the changes.

I suppose we take email so for granted - and couldn't work without it in a lot of cases, that this is easy to overlook.

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By Democratus
20th Sep 2016 08:39

I always instruct the staff to independently verify any purported change in bank account details from suppliers.

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By zxcvb
22nd Sep 2016 12:54

This happened last month to a customer (overseas) to whom we emailed our invoice. It wasn't a change of bank details as they hadn't paid us before.
They lost £10k.
Took a long time for the customer to understand that it wasn't our fault and that we didn't have the money.
They reported to police - that's all we know to date.

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By Selaen
22nd Sep 2016 13:21

We have a written procedure re: supplier bank details. A change always prompts a phone call to the supplier (to the phone number from a previous email) and all new suppliers need to fill out a pack for ISO:90001 that includes bank details.

This is a scam that's hitting Norway especially hard, and we have got a few emails from suppliers and customers there who have been hit, to warn us of the existence of this.

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