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Pegasus Opera II User Question

Pegasus Opera II User Question


I use the Pegasus Opera II system and I was wondering if there is a way to get the payment terms of a supplier to calculate 30 days end of month.

At present all we have is

30 days

45 days

60 days



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17th Jun 2011 15:23

Opera II Payment Terms

You can set the terms to be either a number of days from invoice, as you appear to have, or to be a number of days into the following 1 or 2 months. You can either set this within the specific account by selecting Action, Terms and using custom profile and selecting the due date option or can set up a profile to be used across a range of accounts in Maintenance, Terms Profiles and apply it in Action, Terms within the account

Hope that helps, if you need further info send me a private e-mail.


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20th Jun 2011 11:39

Pegasus Opera Support

You may be interested in knowing that there is an FREE online support forum for Pegassu Opera users at:

-- Pegasus Opera Support Forums

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