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Penalties for 3 years overdue

Penalties for 3 years overdue

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I have been contacted by a limited company with three years of accounts, CT returns and annual returns overdue. As far as I can tell the company has never submitted anything and there is now an application to strike it off. The company was only used for a short time but at this point I don't know whether it was properly dormant or not and from what date.

The accrued penalties are horrendous and I wondered whether you bright sparks out there could suggest any ways to reduce them (other than getting everything submitted asap).

Until I have the first meeting I don't know the state of the records and whether I will accept the job but that is another matter.

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By taxhound
06th Feb 2012 11:18

Do not file anything at Companies House.  Prepare the accounts, square everything up with HMRC (And yes there will be penalties here), and then apply to have the company struck off.  That way, the Companies House penalties at least should be avoided.

Re HMRC - if the company was dormant at the start fpor a while, there should be no penalties for this period.

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