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Penalties on paper returns

Penalties on paper returns

Could someone please clarify the penalty position on a personal tax return if 5th April 2009 paper return is submitted today. Is there a £100 penalty for missing 31st Oct 2009 deadline AND £100 fine for missing 31st Jan 2010 deadline?

Thanks for any help


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22nd Jul 2010 12:11


The deadline was 31 October, so there is an initial penalty of £100 for filing after that date (assuming the tax owed is more than this).

The second £100 penalty kicks in 6 months after the filing deadline though, so I assume this will be 31 March 2010 for a paper return, therefore I think the penalty will still be £200 but not for the reasons you state.

If you could get it filed on line before 31 July 2010 the penalty would still be £100.

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