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Penalty for failure to notify appeal letter

Penalty for failure to notify appeal letter address?

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Can someone please give me the address for the Penalty for failure to notify (late VAT registration appeal) letter? I need to mail it in today but my accountant has the paperwork and went on annual leave without telling me so I don't have the address. 

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By Chris Mann
28th Mar 2017 15:34

I'm guessing that this is the one you might need;-
HM Revenue and Customs - VAT Written Enquiries Team
Alexander House
21 Victoria Avenue
SS99 1BD
United Kingdom

Perish the though, an accountant taking leave, without telling the client! Whatever next?
You can of course make an appeal at any time, within the 30 day time frame and, sometimes, exceptionally, afterwards.

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Replying to Chris Mann:
By verdagua
28th Mar 2017 16:14

I know... he just stopped replying to emails and then I checked his facebook and saw him traveling and drinking beer. Thanks for the address!

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By Chris Mann
28th Mar 2017 17:02

One just can't "fault" Basil.
Ever the gentleman.

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