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Penalty for NIL P35 - it's happening again

Penalty for NIL P35 - it's happening again

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12 July 2012 - HMRC send email acknowledging Nil P35

16 July 2012 - HMRC issues £100 penalty.

I phoned up and the nice lady wiped the penalty. She seemed cagey when I asked "have you had that meeting where the staff are all called into the middle of the office to be told "it's happened again"?"

Unbelievable that a. they took until July to record the Nil P35s and b. they are issuing these penalties again. Can someone not get a grip?

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By Jane S-D
30th Jul 2012 10:16

Apparently all the nil p35s received online have been processed at the date they processed the email not the date they received the email (or so the nice gentleman I spoke to this morning told me)


I don't think I was the first person he'd had to deal with about this today - poor chap sounded almost as fed up as I was about it!

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By Monsoon
30th Jul 2012 11:55

Happened to us too

Yep, we got at least one of those.

Sent them the email confirmation and they cancelled it but, really, how hard is it to provide a simple facility that works?

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By lizmoss
05th Sep 2012 17:20

I have suddenly received a number of 'acknowledgement' emails this week for nil P35s sent online before 19 May (15-17 May in this case).  These have turned up a few days AFTER penalty notices for not submitting the P35s.

I have appealed, enclosing copies of the revlevant acknowledgement emails, but I have also had to deal with a number of irate clients who think I have missed the deadline and landed them with a penalty.

I am hopeful that all the penalties will be rescinded as the acknowledgement emails show the date that we originally submitted the nil P35 notifications as being before 19 May. But who knows?

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