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Pension Scheme

Pension Scheme

Hi there

I wonder if anyone could help?

I'm currently doing some pension scheme accounts for a client where the sponsoring employer is in the process of being liquididated.

The scheme has two beneficiaries who are the two directors.

There are no amounts owing or due from the sponsoring employer.

The scheme assets are made up of fund protfolios and a property which is rented to an unconnected party.

Knowledge of pension scheme protocol isn't the best - do we need to report anything regarding the sponsoring employer?

Many thanks in advance.


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By zebaa
08th Dec 2012 13:24

see the pensions regulator web site.

It depends on if it is a DB scheme - I assume it is - and the funding level. If the level is less than 100% then the trustees may be looking at the PPF (pension protection fund) or other options like a buy in, but it depends on how much money there is. This is heavy stuff and you, or rather the trustees, need proper paid-for advice. 

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