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Pension staging date mismatch

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As the heading suggests, I have a new client that has just come on board and the staging date provided to me from their old accounts doesn't match a re-enrollment email they received from TPR a couple of weeks ago.

The assumption was that I have been provided the wrong date but their pension provider has confirmed that is not the case.

Is it possible that TPR have the wrong staging date? Reluctant to call them yet as I am concerned I may open a can of worms.

Has anyone ever experienced something similar?



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By HuntFord
21st Oct 2019 13:09

My first thought is that although they had a staging date set, they were actually not an employer at the time and either someone had filed that or TPR had done it themselves as they often do. If the company then subsequently changed to being an employer they'd have been given a new staging date, but TPR are bad at shifting their systems over to represent this

Does that sound like it could be the case?

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Replying to HuntFord:
By Payrollgal
21st Oct 2019 13:36

Thanks for your reply.

No, I don't think that is the case, unfortunately.

They have been employers for years and years.

There is actually only 2 months between the dates - but still enough of a difference to make me uncomfortable.

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By lionofludesch
21st Oct 2019 13:56

Could they have postponed introduction ?

Replace the lid on the can and move on.

If no-one's noticed an error after three years, there probably wasn't one.

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Replying to lionofludesch:
By Payrollgal
21st Oct 2019 14:02

Nope, TPR date is later.

I get your point but it could cause issues with re-enrollment...

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