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Pensions Regulator Escalating Penalty Notice

SME £14k approx penalty

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The PR have refused to review our appeal largely because it was made after the 28 day deadline and are pressing ahead seeking payment. (having previously accepted that PR issued letters were incorrectly addressed and were not received in good time)Declaration of compliance was late, everything else was set up and operating as required. Company has 1 full time worker (eligible)and 6 part time(Non-eligible). I had resigned myself to the appeal being unsuccessful before submitting it however, I had hoped for some mitigation on the level of penalties on the grounds that they are dispropotionate. It would seem that there is no avenue left to pursue and the overriding feeling is that this is nothing short of "State Sponsored Extortion" (that the worst loan shark would cringe at). Is anyone aware of any further avenues to explore.

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By SteveHa
14th Jun 2018 12:11

I've successfully appealed penalties on the grounds that TPR were writing to the wrong address.

Nevertheless, there's always tribunal.

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By carynw
14th Jun 2018 13:40

Id also ask your local MP to help as found them quite useful with HMRC issues in the past.

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By sparish
15th Jun 2018 12:05

I certainly was not aware that penalties that large were levied for minor administrative mistakes?

i saw a ltd company client who has one employee (director's wife) get a penalty for completely failing to engage with the system but that was of a much lower amount

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