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Pensionsync, your thoughts?

Pensionsync, is it worth investing in?

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I've come across Pensionsync at a number of events recently. I would love to hear your thoughts before I look into it any further. Is it expensive? Worth the investment? Does it work well? Thank you!

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By Suzanneg
25th Jan 2017 09:44

Hi Alex
We've used Pensionsync since it first went live and I can honestly say the hassle it had saved us has been huge.
To have a single portal that speaks to most of the major pension providers and everything can be managed within that portal is an absolute godsend.
We process over 1000 payrolls for our clients so automation for us was critically and this really delivers.
Yes it does costs but compared to the savings in staffing costs it is miniscule and worth every penny.
We've been using it for about a year now and so far so good.
Hope this helps in some way.

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Replying to Suzanneg:
By Alex_T
25th Jan 2017 12:14

Thank you Suzanne, that is good to know.

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By Slim Freddie
27th Jan 2017 10:53

It definitely makes sense if you have over a thousand clients. I only have a few payrolls. Suzanneg how much is it? Does it get cheaper the more payroll clients / transactions you process?

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