Period of admin - closure procedure

Period of admin of estate - closure procedure - does it just happen by default?

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Is there a document or report that has to filed somewhere which formally notifies interested parties (for example, but perhaps not limited to, HMRC) of the closure (and date thereof) of the period of administration of a deceased's estate?

Or does that closure automatically come about upon exhaustion of the last estate asset?

In a case that I am looking at there is a cash balance on the estate that has not changed since June 2016, which cash balance precisely matches a 2016-17 CGT liability falling due on 31 Jan 2018.  There has been no other asset or liability in the hands of the executor since June 2016. While the estate could settle the CGT early it could not (now) do so prior to 06/04/2017.  However for administrative convenience I would prefer (if sustainable) to declare in the 2016-17 estate tax return that the period of admin came to a close in June 2016, with the executors effectively holding the CGT cash as bare trustees pending settlement of the CGT. Possible?

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