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Personal Allowance 15/16

Personal Allowance 15/16

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I think the personal allowance for 2015/2016 for those born after 5 April 1948 is £10,600. If one Googles "personal allowance 2015/2016" you are directed to a variety of sites some of which state the allowance is £10,600 and some £10,500. If I conducted my business this way I'd have no clients left.

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By Paul Scholes
22nd Mar 2015 00:18

Closer than you may think

Here's the HMRC page but you don't actually need to leave home have a look here.

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By petersaxton
22nd Mar 2015 05:49


Where does it say £10,500?

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By JamesAnd
23rd Mar 2015 11:36

I believe it was originally £10,500 in last years Budget then increased to £10,600 in the autumn statement

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