Personal finance software? Any suggestions?

Personal finance software? Any suggestions?

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Outside of my day job handling tax, I am also named as Attorney for 3 elderly relatives. The Lasting Power of Attorney paperwork has all been properly registered with the Court of Protection.

I am now faced with managing the personal bank accounts, numerous investments, pensions and household bills (and tax returns) for 3 households as well as my own.  I think it would help me organise an ever growing mountain of paperwork if I used some cloud based software that would let me download all their bank statements and reconcile these, as well as manually enter bills and expenses and keep a balance sheet of their investments and savings.

What kind of software is available that might fit these requirements?

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By mrme89
06th Feb 2015 21:19

Not cloud based ...

but VT is sounds ideal as it is very flexible.

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By chewmac
06th Feb 2015 22:32

Not found a cloud solution
I've not yet found a decent UK cloud solution. I'm still using MS Money 2004, so far still working on Windows 8.

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By cjtrevor
06th Feb 2015 23:35


Not cloud based, but I switched to Moneydance when Microsoft stopped support for MS Money.  It handles bank accounts, investments, income and expenditure and capital gains reports etc etc.

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By iandarkwater
07th Feb 2015 10:24

MS Money STILL the best!

I'm still running MS Money 2005 which is now a free download & runs fine on Win8.1.

I keep thinking that there must be something better 'out there' & every now & then I look but keep coming back to Money.

Its very stable, never gives me a problem, I know it very well & its free.

I also use it to run my business which, in accounting terms, is very straightforward.

I've looked at double entry systems that I'm sure have advantages & at one point I used Quickbooks but ended up thinking it was a complicated over-kill for my needs & returned to Money.

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By Luke
08th Feb 2015 12:11

Another ms money user
For my personal finances. I have so many years of data on there that I am loathe to change. Easy downloads from bank too.

For work I use a mix of VT and quickbooks online.

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By TaxAngel
08th Feb 2015 18:00

MS Money or Moneydance

I use VT+ for business accounts and tried it for personal but didn't find it worked that well for investment side of things.  You may find it suits your purposes.  I found MS money was good for our home finances but it's not true double-entry so had some quirky issues and doesn't seem to handle very large files that well.  We've started using Moneydance for home finances but I don't like it as much as MS Money - not sure if it is shortcomings or lack of familiarity but the reports don't seem very useful to me.  I have clients using Quickbooks for personal finance who really like it and its reporting seems reasonably good.

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08th Feb 2015 23:04

Quickbooks Online

I was using Quicken (very similar to MS Money) until recently but have switched over to Quickbooks Online. I wish I had switched earlier. The automated bank feed saves a huge amount of time and the whole package works very well as personal finance software.

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