Personal Tax Showing nothing

Client personal tax account showing nothing

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Client is needing PAYE records (even if Zero ) for information for bank 

been self employed since 2005 

2017 onwards show records in PAYE  Nil as she was self employed) - 2005-2017 are not there ar all  we have SA records showing tax was paid in these years but they are requesting PAYE records 

any idea why they would be missing 



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Danny Kent
By Viciuno
14th Dec 2022 11:27

If client is self employed, and not also earning wages through a PAYE scheme, there wont be a PAYE record to show them.

Why does the bank want 17 years of PAYE records?

Are they actually wanting SA302s? screenshots of personal tax account? I'd go back to them to find out exactly what they need. You can't provide a PAYE record when there isn't one.

If client submitted paper returns only SA302s are the ones HMRC will have issued at the time. You can't get this from their online account.

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By lionofludesch
14th Dec 2022 11:42

Why are they missing ?

Is it because they don't exist ?

Tell the bank to talk sense.

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By Paul Crowley
14th Dec 2022 12:44

Go to a proper bank
Which bank is asking for stuff that does not exist

I refuse to deal with client's version of what they say the bank said
Get the request directly from the bank in an email
Suddenly the problem will disappear

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