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Photocopies/Scans of expense receipts

Photocopies/Scans of expense receipts

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Do you always insist on staff expense claims being supported by the actual receipt or do you accept photocopies or scans emailed to you by the employee?  

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By neiltonks
20th Nov 2013 11:31


My employer's preferred option is that we attach scanned receipts to the expenses claim (which we enter ourselves via a self-service portal). Paper versions can be supplied if this isn't possible for any reason.

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By Ford
20th Nov 2013 11:42

Scans are fine, if its good enough for HMRC its good enough for me!

Extract from

You don't need to keep the vast majority of your records in their original form. If you prefer, you can keep a copy of most of them in an alternative format. For example:

scanned PDFfiles saved on a CD-ROMfiles saved on an optical imaging system

Whatever alternative format you choose, your records must be legible and you must be able to produce them in a readable format if you need to.

But there are certain records that you must keep in their original form. These include:

dividend vouchersbank interest certificatesConstruction Industry Scheme (CIS) vouchers - (these vouchers were used before the current scheme was introduced in April 2007)

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By Fenella
20th Nov 2013 13:20

Worth scanning them before they fade away....

Where expenses are backed up by till receipts I take the precaution of photocopying or scanning them anyway, as the receipts that work on heat sensitive paper (ie nearly all of them) are susceptible to fading away over time, or being damaged by heat or damp. I have gone back to 5 or 6 year old accounts and found lots of blank bits of paper that were once receipts!

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By hertsaccountant
20th Nov 2013 14:32

Scans are fine. As noted above HMRC will accept scanned copies. These days more and more documents are generated electronically. I scan all my receipts to avoid on storage.

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By daveforbes
20th Nov 2013 15:07

remember to scan the back too !!

HMRC recommend you keep all the original documents you receive.  This does not mean you need to keep them on paper.  Most records can be scanned and kept electronically on a computer or a storage device such as a CD or memory stick.  Make sure that whatever you use to keep records you:

have both the front and back of documentscan easily access them so you can pass them to HMRC

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