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Physiotherapy and Rehab Gym claimable expenses

Sport instructor injured while training students, is phyio and rehab training a business expense.

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Teaching adventure sports injuries are a fact of life, high volume work.  The requirement to seek prompt treatment and advice to continue and/or get back to work.  Is it claimable, to be clear these are one to one treatment session, not a gym membership? Sole-Trade self Assessment.



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By Accountant A
12th Nov 2017 11:16

Pete Mac wrote:

Teaching adventure sports injuries are a fact of life 

Being self-employed, accountant's fees are a fact of life.

Or you can just ask a load of random strangers 'off of' the internet what they think.

On the plus side, you can claim your accountant's fees against your earnings. Or can you??

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By paraskills
12th Nov 2017 09:15

Yeah I will, but I would rather do some research, as it’s a tax forum I thought I would ask the question.

Otherwise whats the point of this website.

Your username would suggest I’m in the right place.

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Replying to paraskills:
By mrme89
12th Nov 2017 10:39

The website is for accounting and tax professionals to help each other.
You don’t seem to fall into either category.

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By Brunel
12th Nov 2017 12:37

Please may I have some free sports instruction?

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By paraskills
12th Nov 2017 13:41

Apologies guys did not realise this site was exclusively for Accountants.

Was basically asking for general comment on a similar thread which is how I find the site.

But was asking if HMRC were more receptive to medical treatment deductions, since the original thread from the forum experience, before approaching my accountant.
Was not seeking or expecting a free ride.


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