Pickup Truck is a Car or Van?

Pickup Truck is a Car or Van?

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A client has a pickup truck, to be precise Mitsubishi L200, which he purchased in his limited company. The nature of his trade is that of a builder.

He does not own any other car so he uses that for his personal trips as well.

Would that class as a Car or Van for tax purposes for his company and P11D?

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By cherrytelevision
19th Jun 2024 13:03

Double cab pickups are commercial vehicles.

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By Ruddles
19th Jun 2024 14:25

Not all of them

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Replying to Ruddles:
19th Jun 2024 15:09

It depends on the weight of the load that they can carry, if the user can prove that it is necessary for their trade and depending on the day/year how HMRC are felling at the time.

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By Cylhia66
20th Jun 2024 07:09

Smaller pickups with a payload below one tonne will be treated as cars rather than vans.

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