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Pitney Bowes franking machine

Pitney Bowes franking machine

Hello Guys,

I currently have a Pitney Bowes DM50 (entry level) franking machine which I have had for a year on a 12 month contract.

The contract is about to expire and PB want me to sign up for a 5 year deal!

I quite like franking as it is cheaper and more professional etc but I would be interested in buying the machine (at the right price) instead of leasing as in a few years, I could have paid for the machine outright.

I just wondered has anyone purchased a machine that they have previously leased from PB (especially the DM50 model like mine) and if so, what purchase price did you agree on?




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19th Apr 2012 14:08


how many lettwrs do you send these days, is it really worth it - i used to use smart stamp but i send leters so rarely that i just buy a few books a months

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By Locutus
19th Apr 2012 18:08

Pitney Bowes printer ink
... must be the most expensive liquid on Earth.

I just use stamps and am so mean I've bought hundreds before the end of April to put off the price increase for a couple of years.

You would probably have to be sending out thousands of letters per year before the penny discount on franked postage exceeds the running costs of a franking machine.

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19th Apr 2012 19:54

... and the labels

If you aren't franking the envelopes directly the franking labels plus the ink cost more than the discount.

Over 20 years, we have moved full circle from stamps, to franking machine, to smartstamp and back to stamps again. Next year most of our paperwork will be sent by email (but we aren't accountants) and it is a tiny minority of our customers that still want software on CD.

We still use smartstamp for unusual amounts but "normal post" is traditional stamps, which also supports your local post office.

I think the Royal Mail might find their revenues drop considerably when the stamp price goes up.

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By newmoon
19th Apr 2012 20:49

The discount on franked post is more post price rise

Looking at the Pitney Bowes website from 26th April the prices are:

1st Class:

Stamps: 60p

Franked: 44p

2nd Class:

Stamps: 50p

Franked: 31p

That's a sizeable saving, and franked mail gets priority over stamped mail (so I'm told). When we send second class franked mail, as often as not it gets there the next day.

Pitney Bowes ink is extortionate, but you can often buy the stuff on eBay at a hefty discount.

They also hit you for a £60 charge for resetting the machine when the prices change.

Having said all that I wouldn't consider signing up for a 5 year deal with Pitney Bowes. Isn't the standard deal a month by month lease once the initial 12 months is up?


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By mbee1
24th Apr 2012 12:47

Franking machine

I have no experience of the PB machine in question but I can certainly recommend the Frama Matrix F2.  Although the ink cartridges are expensive at £60+ but ours lat about 8 months franking thousands of letters.  There are three standard logos free of charge and updates to prices are free and automatic via an online connection.  Franking is also loaded in the same way.  I wouldn't buy one of these machines but leasing costs are reasonable and, if anything does go wrong, the engineer comes out more or less straight away.


i have used Frama for many years and only had to call an engineer out once!  Great Swiss engineering.

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24th Apr 2012 12:59

we still dont know how many stamps

you use it would help if you gave us a clue

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