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Pivot Table - additional row calculation

Pivot Table - additional row calculation

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I have a pivot table of sales data. First column is customer names, then other columns are months Jan-12, Feb-12 and so on.

Excel automatically adds up the total sales at the foot of each monthly column 'Grand Totals'. I would like a pivot table row to sit immediately below it that gives cumulative sales as the months progress to the right.

I suspect it will involve using 'calculated field/item' (so it updates on a refresh) but would be grateful for an expert's guidance.

Thank you

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By stevie
14th Nov 2012 13:12

See this link


To get the cumulative values, add the £ field to the pivot table again and change the Field Settings for this to Show values as Running Total in Yr/Pd


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Replying to rhino83:
By mung1
16th Nov 2012 20:48

Thanks, but this doesn't fix it.

Thanks Stevie, but this doesn't fix it.

I need the cumulative row to be dynamic & integral to the pivot table.

Not a separate row external to the table that links into pivot cells. 


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By paulwakefield1
14th Dec 2012 16:29

Did you try

Stevie's suggestion in his final sentence? Because this should get you very close. The disadvantage being that you will also get running totals by customer as well so, rather than being an extra row, each month will have a column for the month's total and a cumulative column.

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