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Planned downtime for MTD ITSA this afternoon

A word of warning to anyone planning to access the MTD ITSA system this evening.

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I just got an HMRC API platform alert through notifing me of "scheduled maintenance" on the MTD ITSA system from 5pm on Tuesday 18 January to 9am on Wednesday the 19th.

This follows an extensive period of work over the weekend, which ended as planned at 9am on Monday. 

With MTD ITSA looming, they obviously need to do a lot of work behind the scenes, so it didn't make sense to make much of the weekend maintenance, but six hours' notice suggests a pretty tight schedule for this latest activity.

I'm getting in touch with HMRC now to see if they can provide more detail on what is being maintained/added to the system.

Has anyone actually been affected by these interruptions? And if you're involved in the pilot, have you seen any signs of new functionality appearing?

NB: Please only reply to the questions posed. I am not looking to open up a debate on whether scheduled maintenance work proves the MTD ITSA system is irretrievably broken. We've got plenty of comments along those lines elsewhere on the site.

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By stepurhan
18th Jan 2022 17:59

Not been affected so far, but it seems likely that tonight's will have an impact. Scheduled to finish at 9am is not comforting, given how often these things have overrun in the past.

I think MTD looming is over-egging things. What part of that is so imminent that a mid-January fix like this could not be postponed. I hope that they are actually fixing things like pulling down client information (e.g. PAYE income and tax paid) to help complete returns. It is very much pot luck whether you do get useful information at the moment, even when you know some should be there.

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John Stokdyk, AccountingWEB head of insight
By John Stokdyk
18th Jan 2022 18:27

Word from HMRC is that "minor" scheduled maintenance is taking place on MTD ITSA service - which means it should affect SA Online. Let us know if it does!

The latest service interruption has no relation to the work undertaken at the weekend and will not have any effect on plans to expand the pilot scheme in April, HMRC added.

Not sure if there's much more to report, but I'll certainly pass back your comments on the availability of SA data via the API services. That's a really useful practical point where they could be productively directing their attention. Thanks.

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By Leywood
18th Jan 2022 19:22



Love it when posters decide the direction of travel.

the API email tells everyone all they need to know. Although sometimes written in complete gobbledegook.

Any sane Accountant wouldnt be affected as they would be avoiding it anyway.

Sue me, Im a rebel.

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Replying to Leywood:
By Hugo Fair
18th Jan 2022 19:26

Sorry, couldn't resist ... but your final sentence brings Johnny Cash to mind! :-)

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