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Please provide your recommendation for Software

company needs to change software for MTD but requires sales order/delivery and works order tracked

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My client currently uses Sage 50 version 24 for accounts with additional spreadsheets to track workshop work in progress and deliveries of products.  Deliveries used to be processed through Sage for clients, however one client requires a weekly consolidated invoice showing all their sales orders which have been delivered in one week.

The cost for them to continue using Sage 50 after MTD is pretty prohibitive especially as currently they don't use all the features they pay for and use additional spreadsheets resulting in duplicate work.

We were going to move them to Quickbooks Online as it will track inventory well and allows them access when they are not in the office as they are out on sites a lot, however it does not provide Sales order processing.  We had looked at the SOS inventory app but again it has many features that would not be used and misses some that we need.

The company is a Limited company but a micro entity, there would only be 2 users at most plus myself requiring access at times as accountant.


Can anyone recommend either a Quickbooks App or another cloud software that will provide the same accounting functionality of Quickbooks, Sage or Xero and also either all or most of the requirements I have listed below:-

Must have:-

Track quantity of specific products ordered by customers

Track quantity of specific products currently in stock

Number of products required per date per customer.

Shortage of products for current orders with ability to select time period ie. over next 2 weeks, to allow workshop order to be generated, ideally ability to generate this document.

Delivery line production with allocation to sales order

Process sales invoice with more than one delivery/order number allocated.

Not a necessity but would like:

Bills of Material per product


Thank you in advance



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01st Mar 2019 14:44

If Sage does what you want (apart from MTD) have you considered sticking with Sage and using bridging software to deal with MTD as a cheaper alternative and less hassle than changing accounting system?

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to GW
01st Mar 2019 14:37

Yes, but it does not do the consolidated weekly invoice with the multiple delivery lines and order numbers or generate workshop orders.

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By johnt27
04th Mar 2019 12:15

If you're looking at moving to Xero or QBO neither of them have the comprehensive stock management tools inbuilt that you require so you are going to need an add on.

I've used Unleashed a lot with clients to great success, it's a Xero app, but it can be pricey as are many others in this field so you really need to consider cost/benefit of potential change.

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