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Can I still apply to reduce a POA due in 31/07/2012?

He paid £850 in jan and is due to pay the same again in July.

It looks like his total tax bill will be under £500.

Thanks again


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By SteveOH
18th Jun 2012 22:31

You can apply to reduce at any time

If you put in an application now to reduce the Jan and July 2012 payments on account, then the HMRC statement will reflect the new POAs. If the account is in credit as a result, then a repayment will be made.

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19th Jun 2012 09:22

How sure are you that the tax will be lower?

If you actually know that the 2011/12 tax liability will be lower than the 2010/11 liability on which the POAs are based, just file the 2011/12 tax return before 31st July and wait for the tax refund.  If it is just a guess, warn the client that interest will be chargeable if the POAs prove inadequate.

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By thomas
19th Jun 2012 18:05

Many thanks. I've done the tax return quickly to check so I've a good idea on the numbers but want time to check some queries.  I called HMRC today, and they were super helpful.....I know, shock, horror!!!  POA have been reduced by a phonecall, I was impressed how easy it was.

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