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Poaching staff - by a firm we give work to - what do you think?

Poaching staff - by a firm we give work to -...

We are a small firm , and occasionally we use a liquidator, and we have given some work, maybe £20,000 to a practice near us.

I've just found out they have offered a job to one of our staff, a semi senior we recruited about a year ago that cost us about £7,500. Obviously, we are just going into very busy period, so I'm completely stuck.
I'm so upset, because they are not just any local firm, they are one who we give work to, and as such I think they way the have behaved is completely unprofessional . Their website boasts their ethics, and how that is very important to them, well that is just so hypocritical.

They didn't contact her directly, an agency approached her, she wasn't looking, and they interviewed her. She is very good!
She is not going for any extra money, the firm is walking distance from her house, I've no issue with her, I'm sure she is doing what she believes is the right thing.

I'm just so upset and letdown by them.

They are not massive, maybe 5 partners, so they would have known we have given them business. I spoke to the liquidator partner I deal with, who offered me £1,000

Any ideas what I should do?

Just take it, or moan , or name the firm, or write to the senior partner and tell him what I think.

Clearly, they will never get any more work from us.


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By redboam
07th Nov 2015 08:46


Perhaps you should consider what you might have done to prevent this had you known that this was going to happen -Then if the cost is acceptable, make sure that you implement that with any others in your firm that you would similarly wish to retain.

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07th Nov 2015 08:55

They didn't approach her directly...
Ergo they didn't poach her. You need to look at why she left before being upset with another firm for employing her. Perhaps she just fancied a different direction?
I always find this a bit weird to be honest. You don't own your staff and they have a mind of their own. They will only be "poached" if they want to be.
Edit: also if they are a good firm you might be cutting your nose off to spite your face by refusing to deal with them again.

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07th Nov 2015 10:22

Take the cash...
...wallow for a couple of weeks. Stick an advert on a multi site job board (it's only what the agencies do and will cost you £200 against £7,500) and start all over again.

If you want a small firm liquidator who won't do this to you PM me and I'll let you have the details of the firm we use. I'm not connected to them other than passing work to them for several years. They're personal, quick, hungry and cheap!

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07th Nov 2015 10:47


Recruitment - you offering a job to another firm's employee

Poaching - another firm offering a job to your employee.



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07th Nov 2015 11:05

Apportioning blame

"Our staff" (or clients for that matter) are only ever that for as long as they wish to work with you. It's up to you to make sure that's what they want to continue to do.

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07th Nov 2015 18:50

Their Liquidators

As others have said.  You cannot stop staff moving but I understand you feeling let down.

 However  the word ethics and Liquidators don,t go together.  




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07th Nov 2015 20:30

Always a reason
Employees never leave a job without a reason even as may be the case here that it is nearer home.

I would say that once an employee toys with the idea of moving on it is just a matter of time until they actually do so it is just a fact of life , same the other way round with employers.

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07th Nov 2015 21:34

Company seeks candidate.
Candidate seeks new role.
Candidate is signed up to agency.
Agency put candidates CV to company.
Company accepts CV and offer interview.
Candidate successful.

I don't think either party is to blame.

It's business.

Go through the same process and stop crying.

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