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Pop ups on this website

Paul McCartney and the car he drives

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Why do I keep getting pops on this website about Paul McCartney and the car he drives?  Did I click on something I shouldn't have here?  I don't think so, but how do I get rid of it?


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By Matrix
05th May 2021 19:19

Let it be

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Jason Croke
By Jason Croke
05th May 2021 20:10

Post of the year so far, bravo.

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By stepurhan
05th May 2021 19:25

I have not had a pop-up on this website for years.

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Replying to stepurhan:
By loverboyfullofjoy
06th May 2021 00:42

I haven't had a pop up now for 17 years lol

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By Slim
05th May 2021 19:32

Better than the "she had no idea why the crowd were cheering.." ads and similar I've seen on here.

There was a nice [***] shot and another of the mammary glands.

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By Barbara G
05th May 2021 20:23

So, can I not get rid of it then?

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Flag of the Soviet Union
By thevaliant
05th May 2021 21:17

Disable javascript.

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By Paul Crowley
05th May 2021 21:24

There are a lot of Pauls posting on this website, blame them all
Was the car a Beetle?

Get rid of means Adblock
But that means loads of boring white space at both sides

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paddle steamer
05th May 2021 23:28

Baby, you can drive my car
Yes, I'm gonna be a star
Baby, you can drive my car
And maybe I'll love you

Beep beep'm beep beep yeah!

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By wingman22
06th May 2021 09:57

My adverts are usually for Russian brides. No idea why Sift has targeted me for these.

By the way - what car does Paul drive?

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Replying to wingman22:
By Barbara G
06th May 2021 10:49

I don't know what sort of car he drives. I haven't opened the link 'cos I don't give a toss. I've no idea why I'm being targeted by car adverts either.

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Replying to wingman22:
A Putey FACA
By Arthur Putey
06th May 2021 11:43

In 1969 the motor involved in the notorious '69 Paul is dead' hoax was an Austin Healey 3000. Conspiracy seekers allege McCartney stormed out of a studio session, only to be killed in an ensuing car wreck and replaced by a lookalike.

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Replying to Arthur Putey:
By Hugo Fair
06th May 2021 12:27

Maybe that's why he was amazed the next year ... and then went on to sing from the backseat of his car the year after!

EDIT: Forgot to mention uBlock Origin for Chrome, which prevents me getting ads on this site (I quite like the two white columns framing the threads) and everywhere else (even YouTube and various TV players).

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