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Portal for furlough processing

We have the older style "green" portal

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Any ideas or experience here?

Our HMRC portal is the older style "HMRC green" with limited access to client data, no access to payments and matching for example.

The link to seek to update this states we are too large for the "beta blue portal". Apparentally limited is 200 clients in any section, SA, CT, PAYE, VAT. We do breach this in at least 2 areas.

I can imagine we are far from the only firm this will affect, we are not exactly large. We are mopping up any clients who are not currently on our PAYE agents portal. 

However given the lack of functionality in the older style portal, I am touch worried about the access to the ability to process furlough claims for clients.

Any musings welcome.

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By Duggimon
09th Apr 2020 13:41

"Businesses, and agents that are authorised to act on behalf of clients for PAYE matters, will be able to claim. "

That's what they said and that's what I'm taking to be true. It's somewhat pointless speculating as to whether the different colours of portal mean anything, they said you can claim it for your clients.

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John Stokdyk, AccountingWEB head of insight
By John Stokdyk
09th Apr 2020 14:42

Also have a look at Duggimon's post earlier today with details of the HMRC announcements on the CJRS portal:

And thanks to a tip off from [email protected], there's also a webinar about the arrangements next Wednesday (15 April):

We'll be publishing a round-up of the latest CJRS announcements in the tax news pages shortly. But thanks to everyone for helping to keep the community informed!

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By OrmeGoat
14th Apr 2020 12:08

We applied for six client PAYE authorisations last week. Three were rejected because "the details you entered do not match our records for that client" or "Exceptionally, we may not have an Agent address for you".

As everyone knows, apart from HMRC, the details have to be right or the application isn't accepted and if it is the (bloody) client's name appears on our portal. And as for not having our address .........

We all knew HMRC were struggling with successive governments' unstoppable charge towards digitalisation.

The chickens have come to roost.

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By insolventnl
14th Apr 2020 11:40

I just tried to register for the webinar and it is full - not amazed at that but was also hoping they would have anticipated a large volume of registrants

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Replying to insolventnl:
By Wanderer
14th Apr 2020 11:57

I registered 25 minutes before you tried and was successful so you only just missed it. I would think it certain that they will schedule further ones.

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Replying to insolventnl:
By Delyth Bending
14th Apr 2020 14:43

I have just registered - perhaps try again.

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