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Positives of Lockdown


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Hello, I am thinking about the positives of lockdown. Of course, I have the usual concerns about the future. I cannot change the current situation.  I can control my perception and use my time well. 

Here is how I will try and avoid negative thinking during the lockdown period. 

 1) Get fit/lose weight

2) Get business systems in order

3) Think and draft personal/business future plan

4) Review and sort finances

5) Learn to be disciplined work/home

6) Go paperless personal front. Sort out messy personal papers. Think/reviews savings/investment plan.  

7) Review business expenses. value for money? 

8) Plan and use the day well

9) Switch off 24 hrs news. Too negative

10) Unlikely (hopefully) get this time again. Use time well to help me achieve what I want 

11) Draft a will. 

Edit if lockdown is extended (likely):

12. Improve much-needed tax skills and knowledge. Maybe order most up to date tax material. 

I have client work, most of the queries how now been responded to. I am okay for time for now. Also, client numbers will go down for all of us. 

Aside from client work/supporting clients/helping others, please share your plans? 

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By spilly
31st Mar 2020 17:05

Still too busy to contemplate any downtime yet. I’m a tad envious - would love to be able to potter for a week or two.

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By Duggimon
31st Mar 2020 17:10

I'm probably just going to carry on working my normal hours plus 30% as I have been so far since this all kicked off.

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By Alex_T
31st Mar 2020 17:14

Like @spilly I'm still too busy to have any downtime but I do exercise for an hour everyday which I wouldn't do normally. Who knows, I may end up a little fitter by the end of all this.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
31st Mar 2020 17:26

My household spending has fallen dramatically.

No pub, no dinners out, no holidays, no fuel going in the car, no paying out for kids trips out.

We are down to groceries, the mortgage and a case of some rather nice wine I treated myself to for all the hours I have been putting in.

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By SXGuy
31st Mar 2020 17:32

My wife would say the positives are she can get me to do the DIY that's been left for the last 12 months. I don't see the positive of that personally as it's me doing it.

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By Settingupalone
31st Mar 2020 17:41

Household spend down and due to the worry of 'when can we get our next online shop' booked - a reduction in the amount of biscuits I usually eat when I'm stuck/bored/need a break etc.

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Lone Wolf
By Lone_Wolf
31st Mar 2020 17:45

Positives. I'm working from my bedroom and had a soaking wet naked lady in my office today. Don't usually get that in the office. Every cloud and that.

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By FirstTab
31st Mar 2020 17:49

Thanks for the response. Very interesting.

Here is Terry Waite's perspective. He triggered me to look at the positives and also this thread.

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By FirstTab
31st Mar 2020 17:49

Thanks for the response. Very interesting.

Here is Terry Waite's perspective. He triggered me to look at the positives and also this thread.

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By JimLittle
31st Mar 2020 20:29

You missed one spending more time with your spouse which can be viewed as a positive and negative (in my case)

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Hallerud at Easter
31st Mar 2020 22:24

1. More motivated to start early and finish earlier to enjoy garden (albeit mainly still pretty cold here though Sunday was okay)

2. Seem to be getting more work done and as am not taking Easter holiday year end accounts will be finished earlier than usual this year.

3. Creative parts of brain getting an exercise as try to work out ingenious ways to build things in garden with relatively limited materials- so pile of boulders from an old rockery, some fence posts and bars and a dismantled shed with lots of T & G planks to reuse may turn into a garden windbreak and a log store for firewood for the garden fire pit- something like scrapheap challenge for the garden (Found half a sheet of polycarbonate roofing sheet and some old roofing felt earlier today behind the shed, is an outdoor shelter against a wall in the offing?)

4. Daughter back home from Nottingham (albeit she had barely left) so now have a fourth if we want to play bridge in the evening- need to arrange a games night though doubt will persuade any of them to try the epic Avalon Hill Civ game, however Kingmaker is a possibility and can maybe teach them Diplomacy and if they can master the latter then Machiavelli,which has the same movement rules but a whole lot more (bribery/assassination), becomes a possibility.

5.Whilst I cannot work on model railway as access had to be sacrificed to make space for office files in study I can scratchbuild/kit bash some smaller buildings ready to add later and I have my spray gun back home so can maybe build a couple of loco kits and paint/add liveries to them.

6. If movement rules relax a little I could go in to work and start putting my older Scimitar back together in the garage there , would be all alone and could get a lot done over the summer as I have virtually all parts needed , even the paint, I just need time to work- I think this one may be considered an unnecessary trip but if things do relax it is a possibility.

7. Sundry DIY like the kitchen cill replacement- I bought it some time ago but never got round to replacing, if I fit and paint that also means I can also fit the window box I bought to create a small kitchen herb garden for "She who must be obeyed" to try to kill. Front door and side garden gate also need a repaint though I think I only have either white or black gloss in stock-mmnn- not sure either is what I want.

In effect I have found that now, just over two weeks in to this , week one was a bit strange and lacked focus but week two has me motoring on all cylinders within the restraints of working with what is to hand and planning other thinks to do; like Koko I now have a little list.

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