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Possible in QuickBooks online?

6 banks accounts?

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Bit of an odd one but does anyone know if its possible in Quickbooks online to have 6 seperate bank accounts?  Basically we have a client who is useless at getting the bank statements to us in electronic format as she only uses her mobile for banking so I was wondering if we could sign up to one subscription with QBO and add in all of the bank accounts even though they are 6 different companies?  I would just export each bank account and import them into the relvant VT file for that company.


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23rd Jan 2019 14:37

I wouldn't trust mobile phone banking.

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23rd Jan 2019 14:42

Don't see why not

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23rd Jan 2019 15:30

I think it should possible. I don't think QBO checks the name of the bank account holder.

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23rd Jan 2019 16:54

Defintely possible. I used to have a client with 6 banks on feeds in QBO and they were multi currency as well, no issues.

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