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Post balance sheet events and abbreviated accounts

Post balance sheet events and abbreviated accounts

Apologies if this is really simple - I don't prepare accounts, but (try and) review them.

I have a company posting abbreviated accounts, but they have a number of very signficant post balance events - should they have been disclosed? And if so, what standard or rule says they should?



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02nd May 2012 11:24

FRSSE paragraph 14 (or FRS 21 for a medium  or large company). 

You need to disclose in the full set of accounts  the nature of material post balance sheet events, and the financial effect of the events.

Someone can correct me, but I don't think abbreviated accounts require this disclosure, as they are governed by Companies Act (a specific schedule) and not FRSSE.



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02nd May 2012 11:33


The requirement to disclose material non-adjusting post balance sheet events is set out in para.14.3 of the FRSSE (page 76 of the PDF file).  Abbreviated accounts are not prepared in accordance with the FRSSE, so disclosure is not obligatory.  However, there is nothing to prevent additional disclosure being made voluntarily.

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