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Post Office Salary

Post Office Salary

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After 35 years in the profession , preparing my first set of Accounts for a Sub Post Office.

SoleTrader with a substantial "associated " retail trade - hence code of NT operated on the Salary & I intend to include the Gross Salary as part of Trading receipts.

Is Class 4 NIC due on the "Net Profit," including the P O Salary ?

Apologies in advance for a basic question but HMRC's guidance ( as far as I can find ) leaves something to be desired.

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By Portia Nina Levin
14th Jul 2015 11:10

I assume that Class 1 has been paid on it?

Which means that it is not also liable to Class 4. If you complete the full self-employment pages, there is a box in which you enter adjustments to the profits that apply for Class 4 NIC purposes only.

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