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posting from sage payroll to accounts

posting from sage payroll to accounts

A client has set up sage payroll and sage accounts to transfer wages to the accounts programme each time an employee is paid.  However the posting are coming through as a credit to the profit and loss account wages nominal, a debit to employers payee and nic and a debit to mispostings account.  The wages are paid by cash what is the correct procedure for the programme to do. 


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02nd May 2012 14:39

Set up of nominal codes needs to be changed on payroll

The wages journal entries are transferred via lots of piddling little figures from the payroll to the accounts if you use this option.

Any payments of net pay to employees by cash or cheque or other means should be made to the net pay control account.

I prefer to work out the wages journal manually- in effect many fewer entries - and post that.

If the client insists on using the automatic option from the payroll, they will need to go into the nominal codes set up on the payroll to make sure their own codes replace the ones currently being used. I can't believe they don't pay for Sage support, so they should ask Sage for help with this.


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02nd May 2012 16:42

Nominal Link Settings

Your client just needs to go into the Nominal Lnk settings in their payroll programme and enter the correct codes in the right boxes - so if using default sage codes - gross wages goes to 7000, Net wages to 2220, PAYE to 2210, NIC to 2211 etc etc.

This will not correct the transaction already posted but you can easily post a correcting journal within the accounts programme to fix it.

Your client should always have sage voer with payroll, in order to get the legislation updates, so if you are still not sure what to do - get them to phone sage.

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03rd May 2012 16:10

nominal link settings

Thank you for the reply they have sage cover for the payroll but not the sage instant, the support is so expensive for sage accounts, only a small business.  The support with payroll was not very helpful and i do not think the person who took the call had any idea what to do.  I presume the entries in sage accounts are credits to 2220,2210 and 2211 and when the payment is made it is debited to those codes on the balance sheet.


Many Thanks



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03rd May 2012 16:58


Yes that is correct the entries from payroll credit the balance sheet, then when you post the bank payments they should also go to the balance sheet codes.

In theory the only transactions shown in the P&L wages code are the gross amounts from Sage payroll.

If you need any more help please shout!

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By kyky22
01st May 2013 11:12

setting up new nominal codes on Sage Payroll and Accounts

Hello everyone,

I'm new to sage Payroll and accounts.

I have set up the payroll and I would like to devide code 7000 and add more codes as per cost centre as I have set up few dif ones like -admin,gym floor,housekeeping,FOH and Poolside.

Is there anyone that  could help me setting up new codes on Sage payroll and link them to Sage accounts to be posted automatically when I run the payroll?

Many Thanks,




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