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posting the cash

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my client introduced some amount of cash from his personal account to business account. He recorded transaction himself as the Cr - Director's loan, and Dr- Suspend account, but I think Cr should be Bank? thank you Tatyana Oksak

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By johngroganjga
12th Mar 2019 11:54

I assume you mean the debit should be in the company’s bank account. Yes of course it should. How will the bank reconciliation balance if it is posted elsewhere?

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By WhichTyler
12th Mar 2019 12:07

Is the business incorporated?

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By SXGuy
12th Mar 2019 14:06

Not to be rude, but if your unsure of this simple double entry, you really shouldn't have any clients at all.

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By stepurhan
12th Mar 2019 14:05

The other answers cover the question nicely.

Which just leaves me to ask if I am the only one bemused by someone using the Anonymous function and then including their name in the query.

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Replying to stepurhan:
By Duggimon
12th Mar 2019 14:13

Many people seem to use it accidentally or without thinking, as evidenced by the large number of them who will then reply to their thread when prompted.

It's almost never used by someone who needs to remain anonymous, seems to just be a default for some.

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Replying to Duggimon:
By Cheshire
12th Mar 2019 14:48

Aweb originally had the anon feature as the default option, but now you have to choose that method, so must admit to the same bemusement regarding the addition of the name.

Tatyana - does this client dump a lot of their postings to suspense account?

Has the amount actually shown up on his bank statement?

If you are newly qualified you might be better on

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