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Potential BIK

Potential BIK

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A common issue I'm sure -

One-man Ltd Co based in Northern England is working in London during the week as a 'Railway Consultant'

Did his sums & concluded that it was cheaper to rent a flat rather than hotels etc. As the flat is based on a full week's occupancy, is there a potential BIK for the

majority of weekends he stays in the capital ie total costs for the flat pro-rated as to no of days he was 'not required to be in London' ?

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By Steve Knowles
31st May 2012 10:40

Temporary Workplace?

Normal rules apply as for any employee, so the flat will be a benefit unless the temporary workplace rules fit the situation. If not, then all travel to London & subsistence there should also be disallowed, just as it would be for an employee working in London who chooses to continue to live elsewhere.

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