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Potential fuel duty increase

Why are motorists furious?

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It has been frozen for absolutely ages. Also, with so many fuel inefficient cars around (large 4x4s etc.) and most people exceeding a c60 mph fuel efficient speed on motorways etc. I am truly baffled by this assertion, especially as most motorists can probably save at least a quarter of their annual petrol/diesel bill by simply driving more sensibly in more sensible cars (and limiting unnecessary car journeys by walking/cycling more).



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By Michael C Feltham
14th Sep 2018 22:02

Clearly, the writer needs to learn the, plagiarised, famous quotation by Conrad Hilton!

"What is the secret in (Hilton: "Operating a successful hotel?"): to writer "Writing compelling and worthwhile articles which gain support and agreement?"

(Hilton): "There are three fundamental secrets: they are Location; Location and Location!"

(Writer): "Proper professional research, research and research".

Frankly, I found your short original post, patronising, assumptive; obviously lacking in core knowledge: and sounding rather like a rah rah propaganda puff for the Green Party/Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace!

1. Governments are addicted to profligacy: they will ALWAYS find yet more ways to waste tax revenue harvested.

2. Thus they constantly seek other wheezes and specious "Justifications" as excuses to levy more and more taxes in order they can waste them:

3. The global Oil and Gas Industry is a complete scam! It comprised mainly of a group known as the "Seven Sisters": the major oil companies who, illegally acted as a cabal. to price fix.

Now there are just five left. Which makes their illegal anti-competitive monopoly even more obscene and utterly lacking in moral compass and venality!

4. The UK Government itself is a Scamster: since the whole original point of vehicle excise duty and later fuel duty was to build and properly maintain roads in order motor cars, lorries et al could use them.

Britain's roads are now the WORST in Europe! Despite the vast quantities of tax revenue harvested each and every year from motor vehicles. In my book, this is taking money under false pretenses.

5. Diesel burning guzzlers are the direct fault of European Governments: since they were persuaded by the descendants of the tailor flogging the invisible - and mega-expensive clothes - to the King, that diesel powered cars were "Less Polluting".

Amazing what a few million quid bunged into a political party's funds, and a nice fat job as a non-exec director of an oil company or auto-manufacturer's Board can achieve in changing facts!

Finally, the Bank of England, the Treasury, the Chancellor etc, needed to clamp down hard on the insanity of PCP financing, as very soon, the Balloon Payment problem will explode. This was caused by massive global automotive manufacturing potential, slack car sales and gullible consumers.

Since the UK holistically (i.e. Government, Public, Banks, etc) is debt-addicted, very soon the music stops and there aint no chairs!

Now you know why the (e.g.) low-paid family up the road are driving a brand now, top-specification Range Rover...

Instead of,say, a Smart car, such as I purchased for my wife for cash, which costs just over £130/year for road tax and achieves 50+ MPG, which we both now use for local work such as shopping.

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Replying to Michael C Feltham:
Hallerud at Easter
14th Sep 2018 22:27

Should have gone for a Fiat 500 POP, I think my wife's RFL is only £30 p.a. and if she had the slightly later Twin Air I think it is £0.

On the downside the 2009 one is not a great car, rear suspension given Edinburgh's pot holed roads needs changed every circa 15k miles, (Have done twice in last 9 years and it has only done about 35k miles, but it was cheap to buy (£6,800 after £2,000 scrappage allowance)is cheap to run, she likes it and adding my son to the insurance ,both as a learner and after he passed his test, was not expensive.

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By pauljohnston
17th Sep 2018 06:15

Loads of comments but the reason for the rise is because the contry has spent or is spending too much.

Thus if no rise where is the extra cash comming from.

A comment from a recent fim "Beware of what you wish for" or in this case "if not fuel duty then what either cut services or tax somethingelse"

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