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Potential limit on authorised agents

running out of time

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message displayed on sign in to HMRC:

Sorry, you can't join the new tax agents service today.

We're controlling how many people can join in a day and we've reached our limit.

Please try again any day from Monday to Friday

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By Retired Dave
26th Apr 2019 11:31

How can HMRC limit the number of agents. If qualified to register then they should be allowed to register. This sounds like having to 'phone your GP first thing in a morning in the hope of getting an appointment. I wonder if anyone has asked HMRC to point to the legislation that gives them authority to impose a daily limit?

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Replying to Retired Dave:
By Duggimon
26th Apr 2019 12:01

I'm pretty sure there's no legislation that would stop them imposing a daily limit, it's their system to do with what they will.

I have a hard time imagining they would be able to enforce any penalties charged to a taxpayer whose agent was not allowed to register with them though, I can't see a tribunal agreeing with that one.

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By Moonbeam
26th Apr 2019 13:34

Presumably extremely dodgy software once again.

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By Marion Hayes
15th May 2019 09:16

09.13 - already getting the full message.
Will have to ring them and start keeping screen shots

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