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Power BI forecasting and budget templates + hand holding

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Can anyone recommend a set of Power BI templates that I can link to Xero for forecasting + some assistance with implementation if required.  This is for internal use

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By DavidWatson
09th Apr 2021 11:43

Hi we have done this a few times and have some templates. Xero actually produce one for free you can add to your PowerBi dashboard.

Drop me an email happy to help you out if we can.

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Replying to DavidWatson:
By Hugo Fair
09th Apr 2021 12:33

You do realise that you've posted your email address in a public forum (from where it can be farmed by anyone or anything)? That's what the DM facility (via your profile) is meant to avoid.
Also, personally I'd be even more hesitant to open up this channel to someone who posts as Anon (despite no obvious reason for doing so).

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Replying to Hugo Fair:
By hmozaffar
09th Apr 2021 12:42

Didn't mean to post as anonymous, haven't logged in for a while and not even sure how I managed to do that !

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