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Small budget, recommendations?

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Hi all,

I am considering spending a modest £50 a month on PPC advertising, after google ditched adwords express for regular adwords it has left me totally confused. Would it be worth having a professional set this up for me, if so any ideas on the cost for this? Thinking a one off fee rather than something that needs to be managed on a monthly basis.

SEO for the website is okay, and will be looking at this separately 



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By Maslins
25th Apr 2019 16:05

I would've thought with a £50/month adwords spend it's probably not worth your while getting an adwords guru involved. Ie you'd spend more on their fees than on the adverts themselves.

I reckon either DIY, or ask around if you've got an acquaintance who's familiar and happy to spend 10mins ensuring you've done nothing too daft.

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to Maslins
25th Apr 2019 16:19

Thanks Maslin, I suspected that would be the case, I'd be happy with them having a brief look over and "okaying" it.

Maybe I'll try and DIY it, google do have a few guides.

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25th Apr 2019 21:00

£50 is way too low a budget and will not get you anything

The click through rate is only a few % so for 100 clicks you might get 2/3 contacts 1 of which might convert to work

A click for accountant Dorset etc will cost over £2

So unless you are going to put £10 per day budget you will get nothing back

Remember you only get charged if you get the clicks

The results are fairly instant Also

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to Glennzy
26th Apr 2019 09:15

Would it not be the same if I did 3 months at £300 or 18 months at £50? Only the results would be over a longer period.

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to SouthCoastAcc
26th Apr 2019 09:30

No I don't think it would.

If you had 200 clicks in a month that might lead to 4/5 contacts.

its a numbers game.

if you only pay for 25 clicks in a month with a 1% click through it would get you no where, as only a small % will contact you .

You budget is so low it would run out by 10.00 am each day so your ads would not be visable for most of the time.

YOu need to try £300 per month for 3 months and see what return you get. If it produces for you it becomes self funding, if not just pull it but you will know fairly quickly if it is.

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to Glennzy
26th Apr 2019 10:44

Thanks Glenn appreciate it.

Do you do your own PPC campaign, or pay an agent?

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to SouthCoastAcc
26th Apr 2019 11:02

I have someone who manages it for me, as it cuts out a lot of waste which covers his fee.

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30th Apr 2019 10:22

As Maslins said, for £50 a month, you're better off doing it yourself. An agency is likely to want to charge £200+ a month plus the actual Adwords cost - as with accountancy, you're paying for their expertise as much as their time.

The DIY approach can be a fairly steep learning curve, but there are plenty of online resources to help you. Start with what Google themselves publish, which will then help you work out which of the other self-proclaimed "experts" really know what they are talking about !

With a £50 a month budget, a good strategy might be to go for very long-tail niche search terms. Glenn Martin is right that "Dorset Accountant" is going to go at £2 a click. But "retail specialist Dorset accountant" (or whatever - think what terms you'd use if you were a customer looking for an accountant in their field) is likely to be a lot less. You'll get far less clicks, but they'll be cheaper and really zoomed in on the kind of client you're looking for.

You might also think about doing Bing Ads (now rebranding as Microsoft ads). It's a much smaller audience, but many businesses overlook it making for far less competition and thus cheaper clicks. Once you've set a couple of campaigns up in Adwords, Bing Ads has tools to let you import them into their platform.

Good luck !

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30th Apr 2019 14:35

While some of them offer you some wise guidance, pretty well all of the earlier responders are doing the same as you and looking on your £50 as a cost.

You're all Accountants so use your accountancy skills and look on your pay-per-click spend as an investment, and consider the return (the lifetime value of all those new clients) you are getting on that investment - both as an overall average and in each individual example.

Introduce (i.e. "embed") within each advert and landing page, the ability to track each new client back to what specific activity caused them to take an interest in you in the first place. 'Split-test' (aka 'A/B test') one idea against another, drop the poorer performer, then have another go at beating your own best performance - ad infinitum.

David Winch
Sales & Marketing Consultant

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