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PPR relief for sale of home abroad

Applying 90 day-rule even if only one home?

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Good afternoon,

An individual becomes UK resident in tax year 2016-17 and sells his house abroad (this has been his only residence for a number of years). Is the gain covered by PPR relief or do I need to look at the 90 day-rule?

Reading the anti avoidance legislation introduced in 2015 (TCGA 1992 s222B) it's not clear whether this applies only to someone having two residences or anyone being a tax resident in a country and disposing of a home in another country. Am I missing something?

Thank you.



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By Chipette
18th Sep 2017 15:21

I think I have found the answer to my question - the year of disposal is deemed a period of absence if the 90-day rule is not satisfied but in this case it is covered by the last 18 months - so full PPR relief is available.

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