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I am looking at quotation software for our practice. Practice Ignition looks good. 

I would be grateful for feedback on Practice Ignition. 



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By wilcoskip
14th Dec 2020 13:36

It's really decent stuff, and quite flexible in terms of customising it to suit your own engagement letters/paperwork etc.
We send the proposal to someone, they digitally sign it and enter the payment details. Then we can trigger the collection when we want, or if it's a monthly payment arrangement it'll all start automatically. PI creates the invoice in Xero and if properly linked marks it off as paid when the money comes rolling in.
It's a great time-saver. Their support is online-only, but I've found it to be responsive, switched on and excellent.
To reduce costs, you might want to steer clients towards signing up with bank details rather than a card, since collection fees are lower that way.
One of my better decisions as far as software services go.

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Tamsin Mustafa
By Tasnim Mustafa
14th Dec 2020 14:01

We've been using it for several years. Very impressed, once your templates are set up then creating an engagement letter takes a few minutes. Their support is good also.

We don't use it for payment collection ourselves.

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By FirstTab
15th Dec 2020 11:09

Very helpful response. Thank you both.

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John Toon
By John Toon
16th Dec 2020 13:03

PI and GoProposal are the two main players in the accountancy market, although there are some worthy alternatives, such as PandaDocs and Proposify, albeit they aren't specific for the sector.

My view on PI is that it's for practices that want to streamline their client onboarding process, whereas GP is the solution for practices struggling with standardiing their pricing. My one gripe with both systems is they can be a little rigid in terms of the format of the proposals they generate, although both have released recent features to address this to a degree, hence the reference to alternatives above.

Both do have very similar features (engagement letter production, for example) but also significant differences, particularly around integrations with other apps and payment providers, so I'd be looking at what software you're currently using and what features are key to your decision making.

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