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Practice management software

Practice management software

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I am looking to find out if there are any simple PM software on the market, preferaby online based. I don't do timesheets so "Time and Fees" does not need to be a part of it. I am a sole practitioner with a small practice. The functionality I would like would include:

1.   Client database (client code, name, address, contact numbers, UTR, NI number, VAT number etc, PAYE ref etc)

2.   Basic CRM (services provided to each client, annual fees, send newsletter, Xmas card to be sent)

3.   Complaince and ML issues (date of engagement letter, date/form of ID taken, date of renewal of engagement letter, monthly standing order details etc)

4.   Workflow / deadline management (due dates for all accounts/tax returns/quarterly VAT returns/monthly PAYE/annual returns/P35's, progress/status reports for all ongoing assignments)

At present, I maintain these details on an excel workbook but as my practice expands I would like a cheap and cheerful piece of software to do this. I also use ToodleDo to manage workflow and deadlines and this seems to work well. In fact, if I could use ToodleDo to incorporate items 1 to 3 above I'd be extermely happy!

I have tried HQ for Accountants before and found it useful, although the workflow part wasn't fully developed in my opinion. The product had useful functions such as being able to send text messages to clients.

Any suggestions / comments are greatly appreciated as always.

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By MissAccounting
22nd Sep 2011 10:24

If you find one then please let me know!

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By Andrew Ross BTCSoftware
22nd Sep 2011 11:11

As per your other posts

Hi Sparkey,

At BTCSoftware we developed PM Solution specifically so that SME practitioners could do all this kind of stuff, and - to judge by our users' comments on your other thread - seem to be doing something right. Not an online solution as yet though!

I hope you'll take the opportunity to do free trial. During this our Suppport team will assist you just as if you were a paid up user.

Andrew Ross

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By Ken Howard
22nd Sep 2011 11:13

Your're wanting the holy grail that we are all looking for

It still seems that there's nothing decent in the market for the small practitioner, typically using the other excellent "small" firm software such as VT, taxcalc, moneysoft, etc.  Still far too much of the fully integrated suites where to get a decent practice management system you have to sell your sole and stop using these perfectly decent (often better) standalone systems and use an often inferior offering from the integrated provider.

This is a recurring topic on these forums for several years.  Every now and then, someone pops along to say they're doing something, or having something made, only for it to get forgotten again.  There is a massive demand for a practice management solution in the same form as Moneysoft, tax calc or VT - i.e. something simple but functional.

I've tried ACCA practice manager which was truly awful and Rapport which I just couldn't get to work.  I've looked at HQ which didn't seem to do that much.  Also done several other trials, but none hit the spot.

I thought we'd cracked it last year with Tax Calc promising "the hub" free to tax calc users due to be rolled out last Autumn.  The target dates came and went, tax calc went quiet.  New issue date came and went, tax calc went quiet again.  Now it seems it's not going to be free after all and it's not going to be the same as originally promised.  So, another wasted year waiting for something decent to be released.  Tax calc have done themselves few favours by messing people around like this and it's certainly moved me a step further towards finding a different tax software firm.

Someone will make shedloads of money if they develop a small simple system for the small simple practitioner. With more than ever sole practitioners, it's a growing market.  Developers should look at VT, Moneysoft and Taxcalc and see what they've done and how big their product has grown.


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By Paul Scholes
22nd Sep 2011 17:39

"preferably online"

Hi - I've been using Iris PM since it came out 10ish years ago and wouldn't be without it but the true "Holy Grail" is having something like it online, which is what you say you would prefer (and who can blame you).  I'm fortunate in that everything here is hosted online and so even though it's conventional software I can get at it from anywhere.

There was a discussion last week on this very topic on the "Cloud Computing for Accountants" discussion group so sign up to find out why this is taking some time to become a reality.



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By Bob Harper
22nd Sep 2011 17:42

Accountants Website

What about an accountants Website which has an online version of VT, basic CRM and tax modules included. 

Clients could login to a front end to answer questions and see/print/download accounts. They could also enter tax information so the system could produce tax returns using their data.

As well as that, data from online bookkeeping would flow in to the system using API and journals would flow back so the accountant and clients data would always be the same.



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By whatsGLiDEdotCOM
25th Sep 2011 16:44

Glide Practice Intelligence

Hi Sparkey,

My company provides a system which very much takes care of #4 and currently elements of 1,2 and 3.

It was designed for a firm that also go for a best in class approach as opposed to integrated software and so does not produce accounts nor prepare tax computations. The focus is very much on recurring assignments, monitoring progress and deadlines.

We are aware that there is demand for a similar solution in the sole practitioner market and are looking to provide an online version to cater for this.

Please do visit our online demo at and let me know what you think, we would be interested to know what extra features would be needed to serve your needs?



Ben Norwell

[email protected]



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By fgb1973
04th Oct 2011 21:37

Could have written the question myself as I am also searching for the holy grail. I am currently trying toodledo to manage workflow for me and 3 staff. I still can't let go of my spreadsheet so it is held as a google document,therefore online and accessible for all staff as there is no "read only" all users can edit at the same time.
We are planning a trial of iris open books but haven't looked at it yet, I know it links to it's practice management software but I imagine it's an expensive solution.

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By Paul Scholes
05th Oct 2011 11:07


Hi f - Iris OpenBooks does not link to Iris PM, it does though provide a full posting file for Iris accounts production at the year end.

Expensive or not, I think that if you saw a demo of Iris PM you might think it's exactly what you need?

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By thacca
05th Oct 2011 12:08

Zoho Reports

Have a look at Zoho Reports. It looks like it wold be better than a speadsheet to me.

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By invensa
10th Sep 2012 12:05

Cloud Based deadlines management system.


Dear Sir,

We have developed a software, PracticePA is a Cloud based Practice Management software which helps professional accountants in United Kingdom to manage the client's information, Workflow/Dead lines and Job completion on the cloud

The application is hosted on cloud, hence No Technical Worries, automatic software updates, and access anytime anywhere from the browser with a Low Cost Monthly Subscription with no Hidden costs! Pay per User.

We would be most grateful if you could log onto  evaluate our software and give us your valuable feedback on this application.

I hope you'll take the opportunity to do free trial. During this our Support team will assist you just as if you were a paid up user.


Warm Regards

PracticePA team

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