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Practice Management Software with Decent Reporting

Preferably Iris Integrated

After 10 years of using Iris PM I am frustrated that it is exactly the same as it was 10 years ago!

We need to start researching alternatives at least for our accounts process. For processes that just pop up and are done its fine.

My top 2 gripes are:

a) No automated email chasing

b) No decent reporting

c) The task (ie ad hoc request) management is terrible. 

Anyone using anything that can give them an average turnaround time for accounts at the click of a button?! Preferably integrated with Iris.

Iris PM is a bit like working in the 1980s while everyone else is accelerating in to the 21st century. Email management, collaboraiton etc. 




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By marks
20th Jun 2018 23:10

There are lots of standalone PM software that will do what you need; senta, whatsglide, accountancy manager, karbon.

None however will integrate with IRIS as IRIS doesnt integrate with anything it doesnt own.

We have just moved from IRIS to Taxcalc for accounts/tax returns/automail and WhatsGlide for practice management/timesheets.

Easier to use, better reports and functionality, can be customised how you want and less than 50% of what we were paying IRIS.

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