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I am looking to change Accounts Production / Taxation software and would welcome recommendations from other small general practitioners.

Looking to cover Sole Traders, Partnerships, FRS 105, FRS 102 1A, Personal Tax, Corporation Tax.

Currently use Taxfiler which I have been happy with.  However a couple of things of late are showing me its limitations.  For example, Ltd Co client on FRS 105 was ceasing to trade, asked Taxfiler how I change narrative to break up basis, they said you could not change the Going Concern section, and if you wanted to show this, then you would need to change client to FRS 102 1A then show it on those accounts.

Other situation is where I had to re-state PY accounts from previous Accountant, you cannot appear to show re-stated on the comparative figures in Taxfiler.

Grateful for other practitioners' views on alternative software.

Thank you


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By lionofludesch
21st May 2019 09:12

Not sure you need to say that the accounts are on the break up basis in FRS 105's rigid framework.

Directors' loans, transactions and employee numbers - which would it fall into ?

It's a carp idea but them's the rules.

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