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We have used VT software for accounts production along with Taxcalc for tax production for many years.  However, VT won`t integrate with taxcalc.  Ideally, we would want to use Taxcalc accounts production.  We are so used to having an excel template as a working file and would really like to stay that way.  Its great for quickly seeing notes and easily portable between us.  Once finished, to be imported into something.  I have asked Taxcalc on numerous occassions if they have a coded csv. template we can use but they just don`t respond.    We deal with a lot of FRS105 micros that send us spreadsheets which we collate, thus the need for a working template.  Its not all ready made csv. trial balances from commercial software.  

Is there a package that would do the complete job, being;  Practice manager, accounts production blending into tax production?  Must be unlimited CT600`s as we do a lot and minimum 500 SA100`s with just a few SA800`s, for less than £2500 plus vat

Constructive recommendations would be appreciated rather than point scoring.  We are all busy at this time of year.



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By OldParkAcct
15th Oct 2020 10:44

Is it really worthwhile looking at a seamless product?
Its not really that time consuming to export the accounts from VT and then attach in the tax software? The fact that you have to enter the profit/CA/disallowance manually gives you a space to pause and reflect on the tax computation, rather than just have the software seamlessly generate the incorrect response because of inputting errors in the original accounts.
You just have to look at the laughable attempts by some companies to file their own accounts and tax returns without involving an accountant to realize that seamless software is not always the best solution.

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