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Practice Software - Taxfiler and AccountancyManag

Currently using TaxFiler and AccountancyManager waiting for development updates

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Don't know about anyone else who's using either TaxFiler or AccountancyManager but I'm getting a little frustrated with lack of information regarding development updates.

TaxFiler - When will the Practice Management module actually be released. I'd love it to be released with the same efficiency as the email that came out to me telling me of the price increase!

AccountacyManager - Newsletter from them dated 15 Jan 19 detailing future developments e.g. Xero, GoCardless and Zapier. Just spoke to them to get some timescales, was told Xero was in testing but couldn't give me a date and didn't have a clue about GoCardless or Zapier.

I'm considering changing my business model to one of a 'pay subscription now and I'll get your accounts done sometime in the future but can't tell you when' model!

Would love to hear from someone who might have some info from TaxFiler or AccountancyManager equally would like to hear from those who use integrated software, I'm a small practice but don't mind paying for software so long as it does the job I want it to do.

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By Maslins
20th Jun 2019 09:47

Two things I'd say:
- when assessing which software to go for, go based on what it can do now, not what it promises to be able to do in the future.
- knowing a few developers, they hate people trying to pin them down to exactly when something will be launched. Remember it's not like preparing another set of accounts, it's typically doing something for the first time, with all the scope for unexpected issues.

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By garforth
02nd Jul 2019 18:17

I would like to go back to Taxcalc but the packages are not flexible enough for my very small client base. I know that £360 for Taxfiler (I am no longer Vat registered) is a small price but it's the way that it has been handled and having to pay for things that are not required. MTD for Vat for example.
Any suggestions for alternatives much appreciated.

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