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Practicing certificate

Does the principal review form have to be for 6 month period, even if applying retrospective

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I have been a qualified ACCA accountant for over ten years. In the midst of my qualification, as I was working in industry I stopped paying for my membership. I have had that now reinstated and am looking to apply for my practicing certificate. I have filled out all the forms and have a principal who can sign it off and vouch for the fact I have the relevant comptency.

What I want to know is, the Principal Review form. This is required to be filled every 6 months with requirement of feedback. Now if I am applying for this retrospectively do I still need to do six of these or can just get one filled out and signed off?


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By stepurhan
18th Nov 2019 17:30

Unless things have changed since I applied, you still need to do six of them.

ACCA would know for sure though, since it is they who set the criteria. Have you tried asking them?

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By Ranse
18th Nov 2019 21:42

unfortunately there is no compromise , you still need to complete each for every 6 months covering 36 months i.e 6 of them - even though you are doing it retrospectively.

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Mike Cooper HJS
By mike_uk_1983
26th Nov 2019 09:50

I am in the same position as you. Have recorded some of the detail but not in full and not signed off by principal.

I would suggest you look at the new forms - PECF. These rather than being completed every 6 month are completed by area and you just update when you have completed that area. To me this is much easier to complete.

You still need the time records for 6 months and if wanting audit then the extra audit requirements within that but they seem easier to complete to me.

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