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Practising certificate advise

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Hi, just wanting a little advice about the certificate and whether or not I would need one. 

So, I am employed with a firm who's holds an IFA practising certificate. For one, can I even apply and them be able to sign off my work. It's an awkward situation and I doubt they would even apply to be an approved employer.

Do I need one as an employee? At what point am I required to hold one, if they ultimately make the final decisions and hold a practising certificate with another body? 

Finally, how long would it take. I've looked at the forms and they make no sense.... Part 1...1 year pre membership experiance ... Is this what I have already done? 

Part 2....lost... Part 3, is this just for auditors?

Apologies for the long winded post :(


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16th Jan 2019 21:54

They probably can't sign off because they are not ACCA Approved.

You don't need a PC because you are an employee.

You would need a PC if you setup your own practice.

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16th Jan 2019 23:03

If you ring the institute, I am sure they will help you with your questions.

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