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Practising Certificate annual fee - tax deductible

Via Limited Company

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I have a practising certificate and offer my services via a limited company. 

I pay my annual PC fee personally, and am looking to reimburse myself from the company (DR Overheads / CR Director's loan). Pretty certain it's an allowable corporation tax deduction, but just wanted to see what others think. Surely this crops up all the time?


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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
18th Jul 2019 08:15

I deduct mine with no BiK. Co pays for it and I treat it as any other expense.

Company couldn’t trade without it.

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By MJShone
18th Jul 2019 08:24

No doubt about it -it's wholly and exclusively for the purposes of the company's business. And not a BIK -List 3 and all that.

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