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Premiership Star

Premiership Star

We are to have an initial client meeting with a potential new tax case who is a Premiership Footballer (foreign domiciled and been in London for 3 years). We don't tend to deal with high profile and/or sportspersons. Question. Is it best to leave this to specialists or does anyone have any advice on what to cover at the initial meeting over and above any usual tax matters? Do Ltd companies still work for such entities as Sportsmen or is this covered by IR35? Thanks for any assistance.
Leonard James


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27th Aug 2000 12:07

Foreign footballer
I too look after the tax affairs of a high-profile foreign footballer playing in the English Premiership. His earnings are dealt with under Schedule E and, thus, PAYE is operated in the normal way. I have found there to be no unusual matters other than the normal non-domiciliary tax planning (i.e. leaving overseas income and gains off-shore so as to benefit from the remittance basis, etc.).

There may be scope to take advantage of Schedule E Case III in connection with foreign earnings (such as playing in Europe). This will rely on there being a split contract with a foreign employer and an off-shore service company may be the answer. IR35 may, however, be a potential obstacle (a whole subject in itself!).

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