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Presentation exercise in the recruitment process for a Managegment Accountant

Presentation exercise in the recruitment...

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I have a number of candidates that I am interviewing this week for a Managament Accountants job in a manufacturing business. The role will require real communication and persuasion skills will include regular meetings with production, sales, operations functions.

I would like to pose each candiadte the task of presenting a business case or such like so we can judge their skills in delivering a message effcetively.

Any ideas or suggestions? Thanking you all in advance!

Rich Miller

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By NeilW
28th Jun 2005 10:01

Talent over skill
Skills can be taught. You may want to consider using methods that determine whether an individual has a genuine natural talent in that area, rather than merely a talent as a good interviewee.

A natural communicator is always worth hiring, even if their technique needs a little polish.


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By Richard Willis
28th Jun 2005 10:03

Make them lie!
Hi Rich

Although I don't have the complete answer to your problem, one way to test the skills you require is to make them 'sell' to the panel an idea that is totally false or anathema to its members, and that both they and the panel know is such. This way the panel can engage in argumant based on fact as they know it, whilst forcing the candidate(s) to think out a strategy and carry it forward on their feet.

The task should logically be accounting based in order to test how the candidate(s) think through job related problems.

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By Anonymous
28th Jun 2005 10:27

Thanks for your swift response. I hear what you are saying:

Any ideas on the accounting based task, my imagination fails me in this heat!

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