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Presentation of Accounts

Presentation of Accounts

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Just wondering how others present their accounts.

I get the impression that clients feel happier if they are in some sort of folder, bound together, etc as opposed to just stapled together.

Any thoughts/experiences would be much appreciated.



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By Monsoon
24th Nov 2011 09:57


I used to put them in a nice presentation folder. I now do everything electronically. If they really want a hard copy, they can have a staple.

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By Flash Gordon
24th Nov 2011 10:03


Like Monsoon I do PDFs for most clients but there are some who are old school and for them I do thermal bound copies (or stapled for one who prefers that). Long term I'm looking to PDF for all.

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By happy
24th Nov 2011 10:30


Haven't put any in folders for years they are all PDFs now - found memories of those lovely looking folders that sit and gather dust.

In fact I had a mailshot last week from Staplix made me wonder how many people use them now.




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By Steve McQueen
24th Nov 2011 10:33

Depends on the value of the fee...

Cheap jobs, PDF or staple in the corner

Mid jobs above plus staple folder (with our name on)

Expensive jobs, both of the above, and thermal bound in several copies

Outrangiously expensive jobs, all of above, wire bound in hard covers and gold lettering

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By a_m
24th Nov 2011 11:42


Thanks for all your feedback.

When I started my firm in 2008 I thermal bound all final accounts irrespective of size of client/fee, but now that I am getting bigger I am thinking how I can cut costs, etc.


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By taxhound
24th Nov 2011 13:09

staples is as posh as it gets

And my clients appreciate that I run on a budget to keep their fees down.

For those of you who pdf, so you pdf a signed copy or one with no signatures?  I sometimes send pdf copies of unsigned accounts if the client wants it.

I always get very irritated by bound accounts if I ever get them from another accountant as they don't file or scan easily.

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della hudson
By Della Hudson
25th Nov 2011 14:09

Clip file plus pdf

I send PDF as I think most people use this in practice.

I also send a copy bound in a clip file as a tangible representation of our work. Clients can remove the cover if they want to file them. They are accompanied by a satisfaction questionnaire and freepost envelope.

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By Mouse007
25th Nov 2011 14:39


Believe it or not I sent the last set as an iXBRL file (generated by VT). Clients reply was

"The format of the accounts is fine; they actually print quite nicely."

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By Ann Lovatt
25th Nov 2011 15:40

they look pretty?

I send mine out in nice glossy white binders as I think it looks more professional & they look pretty!!

Also my binder was only £15 from Aldi & the covers are pennies!!

They can have extra stapled copies or emailed etc if they ask


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By 2156806
28th Nov 2011 09:11

Signed PDF's

Seems to be a lot of people who do PDF's - which is what I would prefer to do.

But what about signed copies how do you get round this - do clients print a copy sign it and send it back?

At the end of a job we always send accounts out for signing - some in a folder.

What about accounts for Companies House - are they sent hard copy and what about signing?


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By Richard Willis
28th Nov 2011 15:21

From a commercial point of view

in my last relevant post we received one bound copy which was archived, a couple of stapled ones as working versions, and one copy unbound and unstapled for scanning/copying.  The bound archived copies, being more durable, were the ones to which we referred when doing the inevitable jobs that involved going back # years for historical records! 

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